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AppAddictive Founders February 22, 2012 12 FAQs

The AppAddictive Facebook Page Management Platform is the world's easiest web based software application that allows businesses and organizations of all sizes to create attractive, user-friendly Facebook pages that turns visitors into followers, followers into email leads, leads into customers. Using features such as like-gating, contact forms, give-aways, businesses can grow their "Likes", sometimes called "Fans".  These "fans" can read your posts and updates on their Facebook newsfeeds, which in turn are shared with their own friends.  Because of so much "sharing" that exists inside Facebook,  a well thought-out Facebook page can be much more effective in acquiring customer leads than your existing web site. 

AppAddictive Founders February 22, 2012 5 FAQs

Good question.  Whether you like it or not, there are over 500 Million people who log in daily on Facebook.  More and more people read, share, and do their online activity inside Facebook.  Given that people only have so many hours of time a day, as people spend more of their time inside Facebook, it is but logical that people are spending less time on other web sites. As a business owner, how are you going to make your business noticeable to these users on Facebook? The answer is by having your product or service show up on the news feeds and Facebook home page of Facebook users.  To achieve that, you have to set up an attractive Facebook page, attract followers to your page, and then post content for your followers to share with their friends. 

AppAddictive Founders February 22, 2012 3 FAQs

For you to be able to install our apps to your Facebook pages, we need to ask you to allow us to do so. This permission, for the lack of a better phrasing by Facebook, is called "Manage my pages".  In fact, we use this permission just so that we can verify that you are indeed the owner of the Facebook page.  For your security, we do not allow non-admins to change the content of your Facebook page.  The only other function we use with this permission is to customize the "Tab Name" of your Facebook page after you installed our app. All page builders will ask you to give them permission to "Manage my pages". 

AppAddictive Founders February 23, 2012 2 FAQs

1. Watch this video to configure the contents of your Welcome Page.

2. After configuring the contents, set up your Like-gating and your Default Tab. (see images below)



AppAddictive Founders February 22, 2012 FAQs

Please login with "Facebook login" to http://www.appaddictive.com/ .

Then you will see "My Account  My Leads" on the upper right hand corner. 

Click on "My Leads" and it takes you to the page that shows you how many leads you have.  

Click on "Download CSV" to download in spreadsheet format.  

Click on "Details" to view the table online.